Meet – Marco Ferrarotti, Process Engineer

Marco Ferrarotti


Marco Ferrarotti: “My role made me appreciate more the global impact of Waste-to-Energy (WtE) –  solutions on our community.”

From Pisa to power plants: Marco Ferrarotti’s Waste-to-Energy journey

Marco Ferrarotti, a graduate of energy engineering from the University of Pisa, relocated to Belgium in 2013 to pursue his master’s thesis. Following his thesis completion, he attained a Ph.D. in advanced combustion using unconventional fuels like ammonia and hydrogen from the University of Bruxelles (ULB).
While in the final stages of his Ph.D., Marco stumbled upon a LinkedIn job advertisement for a Process Engineer at Keppel Seghers Belgium. Recognising that the company aligned with his expertise and passion for sustainability, environmental protection, and global waste management, he vigorously pursued the position and started working there on July 15, 2020.

KSBE: Process Engineers at Keppel Seghers Belgium say that process engineering is the Bible of Waste-to-Energy. What’s your take on that?

“I see process engineering as the plant’s bedrock. It’s captivating because we’re tasked with the decision-making, equipment sizing, and system specification. We must be precise and thoughtful, as we’re accountable for the plant’s safety, the process, and the personnel.”

KSBE: What attracted you to apply at Keppel Seghers Belgium?

“Driven by a deep respect for the environment and the chance to make a real difference, I was drawn to Keppel Seghers Belgium. The company’s commitment to innovation and improving life quality resonated with me. I saw it as a perfect place to grow and contribute to impactful solutions.”

KSBE: What motivates you to get out of bed every morning and work at Keppel Seghers Belgium every day?

“Working at Keppel Seghers Belgium gives me a sense of purpose and pride because I feel valued and appreciated in my role. The positive vibe and fulfilment I get from my work as a Process Engineer, make it easy for me to get out of bed and go to work.”
“When I was considering this job after finishing my Ph.D., I figured I should actively search for a company that aligns with my personal values and mission. In Keppel Seghers Belgium, I found precisely that.”
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub

KSBE: What are the top three reasons you’d tell a stranger to join Keppel Seghers Belgium?

“If I were to give three reasons for someone to join Keppel Seghers Belgium, they would be: first of all, the company’s excellence and quality standards in waste-to-energy. Secondly, its commitment to sustainability and the environment, and the third reason is its attention to employees and team-building.”

KSBE: How do you experience diversity at Keppel Seghers Belgium?

“For sure! You know, at Keppel Seghers Belgium, we’ve got this awesome mix of people from everywhere. It’s like, when you have all these different backgrounds together, the ideas just flow differently. I genuinely think that’s what makes our place unique. Everyone pitches in, shares their bit, and suddenly, we’re looking at things in a whole new light. And you know what? We all learn, grow, and the whole company benefits. It’s a win-win!”

KSBE: Since you started working for Keppel Seghers Belgium and saw the global impact of the company, has this made you look at the world differently?

“Yes, it surely did. Joining Keppel Seghers Belgium was kind of an eye-opener for me. It made me realize how businesses can really step up and make the planet better and cleaner. Plus, I’ve got a whole new respect for the experts in the waste management field. Their work is super important, even if it doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves.”

KSBE: When you look at your career now, how do you want it to grow at Keppel Seghers Belgium?

” I’ve been with Keppel Seghers Belgium for just over two years, and things are becoming super clear for me. At first, I was doing the basics, like training and calculations. But now? I’ve got this vision of where I want to head a project or perhaps even a team in the future, and I’m hustling to get all the knowledge and experience to achieve this. So yeah, I’m pretty stoked about where things are going and can’t wait to move forward.”
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub

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Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub