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Quynh Hoang


Quynh Hoang: “As an innovation engineer I am the bridge between scientific research and actual engineering.”

Innovation engineering in an inclusive work environment is, for me, the way to go

Unveiling the Transformative Journey of Quynh Hoang: Innovation Engineer at KSBE Shaping a Sustainable Future in the Waste-to-Energy Industry.
In 2017, Quynh Hoang established contact with Keppel Seghers Belgium (KSBE) to explore opportunities for optimising Waste-to-Energy plant combustion. Collaborating with her mentor, Professor Jo Van Caneghem, they embarked on a joint venture. Recognizing the potential, they decided to seek funding from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), which serves as the Flemish Government’s entrepreneurship support organisation, fostering innovation and a favourable business climate. Fortunately, their funding application was approved in 2018. Fast forward four years, Quynh Hoang celebrated their achievement of delivering comprehensive numerical models, which Keppel Seghers Belgium will employ to enhance the design and optimisation of their combustion process.

KSBE: What motivated your decision to come to Belgium?

“After completing my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in Vietnam, I gained valuable experience as a process engineer in the petrochemical oil and gas industry for three years. While I found fulfillment in my work, my passion for environmental matters and a desire for a more sustainable career path drove me to seek new opportunities. Through a highly competitive Belgium-Vietnam Scholarship, I was fortunate to be selected as a scholar, opening the door for me to pursue a master’s degree in Belgium. It was during this time that I had the privilege of crossing paths with Professor Jo Van Caneghem, a mentor who ignited my fascination for waste-to-energy technology. Fueled by this newfound inspiration, I made the resolute decision to pursue a Ph.D. in Waste-to-Energy, thereby deepening my expertise in Belgium.”

KSBE: Can you describe your role as an Innovation Engineer at Keppel Seghers Belgium?

“So, basically, my job is all about taking those complex scientific discoveries and turning them into practical engineering solutions. I spend my time researching and coming up with innovative ideas that can make a real impact. Once I have these ideas, I bring them to the engineering team, and together, we figure out the best way to use them to advance our core technology.”

“It’s pretty cool because we’re always facing new challenges. Whether it’s finding ways to improve energy recovery, reduce the risks of corrosion, or make flue gas treatment more cost-effective, we’re constantly striving to find solutions. But here’s the thing – innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. It’s a team effort, and that’s where I come in as an innovation engineer. I’m here to facilitate, motivate, and make things happen. I take charge of executing tasks and making sure we’re moving in the right direction to drive our technology forward. Overall, it’s an exciting role where I get to combine science, engineering, and teamwork to make a real difference in our field.”

KSBE: If you had to share one lesser-known fact about Keppel Seghers Belgium with a stranger, what would it be?

“Not a lot of people know that Keppel Seghers Belgium is all about diversity and inclusiveness.”
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
“Passionate about sustainability and scientific research, I’m excited to join Keppel Seghers Belgium. It’s the perfect platform to address environmental challenges, create sustainable solutions, and grow through continuous learning.” – Quyhn Hoang, Innovation Engineer at  Keppel Seghers Belgium

KSBE: How do you experience diversity at Keppel Seghers?

“Personally, I have had a remarkably positive experience with diversity at Keppel Seghers Belgium. Despite having a foreign background, I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusive environment. Comparatively, my international friends shared that it took them time and effort to feel included while working in Belgium. However, upon joining Keppel Seghers Belgium, I immediately felt at ease. Building relationships with colleagues has been effortless, fostering a sense of belonging within the company.”

KSBE: How do you experience the company culture at Keppel Seghers Belgium?

“The company culture at Keppel Seghers Belgium is just amazing! It feels like being part of a vibrant and close-knit community. I have the pleasure of working with an incredible team of friendly and open-minded colleagues who make it super easy to connect and strike up conversations. You know, some of my friends are all about keeping personal and work life separate. But honestly, I beg to differ. I mean, I spend a solid eight hours a day at my job, and I refuse to let those hours go to waste. If I can find meaning and happiness in what I do, you can bet I’m holding onto it tightly.”

KSBE: Is the presence of an Innovations Department one of the key factors that attracted you to Keppel Seghers Belgium?

“At KSBE, innovation is deeply intertwined with our research and development efforts, as we continuously strive to maintain a competitive edge in our industry. While investing in innovation can be accompanied by risks, the potential rewards are equally significant. Personally, I find the exhilaration of research and development challenges truly captivating, as each day presents new and distinctive obstacles to conquer. The process of continuously learning, brainstorming solutions, and refining processes is immensely fulfilling. Ultimately, this journey embodies an ongoing pursuit of progress and advancement.”

KSBE: When you look ahead to your journey at Keppel Seghers Belgium, can you already sense the potential impact it will have on your life in the coming months or years?

“You know, having worked in both academia and the Waste-to-Energy industry, I can’t help but notice a significant difference. Back when I was at the university, it often felt like the problems and challenges followed me home. But here at Keppel Seghers Belgium, I have the wonderful privilege of disconnecting and calling it a day, which truly improves my work-life balance. What’s remarkable is that the impact of our work is much more tangible. You can actually see how your actions directly affect real-life situations. That’s precisely why I made the switch from the petrochemicals and gas field to environmental technology. Being part of Keppel Seghers Belgium, I have this undeniable sense that whatever I do will make a difference, and the path to results will be much shorter.”

KSBE: How do you see yourself growing within the company?

“Hmm, questions like these always leave me pondering because, truth be told, the future remains uncertain. However, if I were to give it some thought, I do see potential avenues for growth within the company. During one of my interviews with the managers, they actually mentioned various opportunities for professional development. Given my passion for problem-solving and finding solutions, I have the option to specialise and become an expert in my field. On the other hand, I also have the chance to explore different departments and take on diverse roles, which definitely appeals to my appetite for new challenges.”

KSBE: If you were to recommend Keppel Seghers to others, what are the top three aspects that would make you enthusiastic about it?

“Firstly, the company’s mission should align with your own beliefs. Many young professionals seek meaningful challenges for society and the planet, and Keppel Seghers provides that opportunity. Secondly, working at Keppel Seghers Belgium offers continuous learning and growth. Not all jobs allow you to create a climate-positive impact while expanding your knowledge and skills. Lastly, the inclusive culture at Keppel Seghers Belgium is remarkable. It’s a place that celebrates diversity, fosters collaboration, and values your unique perspective. In summary, you’ll find mission alignment, opportunities for growth, and an inclusive culture. It’s a place where you can make a difference, learn, and be part of a diverse and supportive community.”
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub

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Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub

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