From the Hive to the Hops: Crafting Beeks Tripel!

From the Hive to the Hops: Crafting Beeks Tripel!

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80.000 hard working colleagues living on our rooftop

At Keppel Seghers Belgium, we’ve taken our passion for eco-friendliness to new heights by embracing beekeeping at our Willebroek office since 2018. And in 2023, our story continues to unfold with sweetness and joy! 

Our incredible pollinator allies, the bees, have become a vital part of our team, fostering plant growth and supporting the well-being of other creatures. With the dedication of our three talented in-house beekeepers, our rooftop beehives have thrived, bustling with an impressive summer population of 40,000 bees per hive! Even in the winter months, these buzzing beauties work harmoniously, creating a cozy cluster around their beloved queen.

As our apiarist Geert shared his fascinating insights about these remarkable insects, we’ve come to appreciate the bees’ precise internal GPS and the comforting vibrations they generate. Their intricate world has inspired us in more ways than we could have imagined!

Today, in June 2023, we celebrate the culmination of our beekeeping journey with a special highlight: the crafting of Beeks Tripel, our very own in-house beer! Harvesting the honey we’ve lovingly produced has become a team event where all KSBE employees are invited to lend a helping hand. After harvesting the honey, it’s shipped to a local brewery to turn this sweet gold into our Keppel Seghers Tripel Beer, called Beeks Triple.
Beeks Tripel not only lifts spirits but also brings people together, fostering a sense of camaraderie among our incredible team. It’s a delightful reminder of the positive impact we’ve made on our environment and the bonds we’ve formed along the way.Who would have thought that harvesting honey could be such an inspiring and joyous team-building experience?

Join us as we continue to nurture our beekeeping initiative, bask in the sweetness of success, and raise a glass of Beeks Tripel to the vibrant and united spirit of Keppel Seghers Belgium!


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