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Collaborate with Keppel Seghers Belgium: Opportunities for suppliers and subcontractors in Waste-to-Energy projects

For subcontractors offering services, materials, or equipment relevant to Waste-to-Energy (WtE) projects, Keppel Seghers Belgium welcomes your expertise. Our pursuit of excellence in sustainable energy solutions opens opportunities for collaboration with partners who prioritise quality and innovation.

If you have the resources and skills to support the construction and operation of WtE facilities, we encourage you to reach out. Our Procurement Department is keen to explore how your offerings can contribute to our mission of delivering superior WTE projects.

To immediately register as a supplier or subcontractor with us, please sign up on Ariba (SAP)

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For those who have questions, kindly complete the form below. We prioritise your privacy and encourage you to acquaint yourself with our GDPR statement and Privacy Policy prior to sharing your details. We look forward to discovering your capabilities and exploring potential collaboration opportunities for a sustainable future.

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