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Welcome to the Media and Press contact page of Keppel Seghers Belgium, your source for the latest breakthroughs and developments in Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technology. At the heart of our operations lies a profound commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the global transition to cleaner energy solutions. Our projects not only showcase cutting-edge engineering and environmental stewardship but also embody our dedication to the communities and ecosystems we serve.

We understand the vital role that media and press professionals play in disseminating knowledge and shaping public discourse on enhancing energy recovery and sustainability. Therefore, we’re eager to connect, share our stories, and provide detailed insights into the work we do. Whether you’re writing an article, crafting a blog post, or producing a feature on (partially) renewable energy solutions, we’re here to offer the information and resources you need.

Are you seeking expert commentary on the latest WtE technologies? Interested in the environmental impact of energy recovery projects? Or looking to cover groundbreaking initiatives in the sector? Our doors are open for inquiries, interviews, and discussions. We’re committed to supporting your journalistic endeavours with accurate and timely information.

Before reaching out, we kindly ask you to review our GDPR compliance statement and agree to our Privacy Policy, ensuring that we maintain transparency and respect for privacy in all our communications.

Together, let’s enlighten and inspire action towards a more sustainable future. We’re looking forward to your inquiries and to fostering meaningful dialogues through your platforms.

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