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Keppel Seghers Belgium, Belgian Engineering and Technology Hub
Job Type: Spontaneous Application
Contract Type: Full-time
Job Category: Engineering
Job Location: Belgium - Willebroek International
Travel Requirements: Frequent travel
Language Requirements: English French


As the Automation Engineer, you will have a vital impact on our business by fine-tuning the foundational framework of our Automation strategy and processes. In this role, you will coordinate and dive deeply into one or more of our ongoing projects, enabling you to have a hands-on approach while providing guidance to ensure successful project outcomes.

Your future colleagues across departments, including the engineering department, proposal and bid management department, site-based project management and many more, will depend on your expertise in Automation to attain the operational excellence they strive for.

You have a unique opportunity to be directly involved in turning non-recyclable waste into energy, bringing significant benefits to millions of homes and businesses worldwide. If you care deeply about creating a better future for generations to come, including your own children and grandchildren, we invite you to continue reading and consider joining us to make a positive impact.

About this position

As a direct report to the Manager Automation, this position plays a crucial role in ensuring that the project is operational. Without it, the plant would not be able to function.

During the tender phase, commissioning and aftercare, the automation department is heavily involved in guaranteeing high availability and operational accuracy of the plant. This involvement is essential to ensure that the control principles used in plant operations have a large impact on the final result of the control principles used for the plant operations.

A detailed overview of the job

This is what you will do

  • Preparing the specifications (network, system hardware, SIL systems, software, etc.) throughout the project
  • The selection of materials and price calculations as well as the supervision of the order of the control system (PLC, Scada or DCS) based on the specifications, the P&IDs and the implantation schedules
  • The preparation of detailed functional descriptions and design documents (control loops and sequence diagrams)
  • Developing the software application. As automation engineer you will negotiate the technical specifications with subcontractors and suppliers
  • Responsibility for programming, testing and start-up of the control systems (PLCs, Scada or DCS). This is done in-house or in collaboration with a team from the supplier
  • Ensuring process safety during the design phase and actively contributing to the overall safety on the sites

Skills and abilities

Must Haves
  • Willingness to travel up to 35% of the time
  • Know of the 3 pillars of automation: Software, hardware and management
  • Self-starter attitude, taking ownership of projects and tasks to ensure their successful completion
  • Ability to communicate in a professional and timely manner with all parties involved, including clients and subcontractors
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, enabling effective evaluation and resolution of issues that may arise during the course of a project
Nice to haves
  • Waste-to-energy experience
  • EPC Project experience
  • Energy plant automation experience
  • Working experience in a multicultural environment, preferably within the EU region
Education and Experience
  • Hold a master’s degree in Electromechanical/Automation Engineering. Alternatively, candidates with equivalent experience in Automation Engineering
  • Possess a minimum of 5 years or more of relevant work experience in a similar role
Our workplace is truly global, with more than 20 nationalities represented in-house. As such, English serves as the official language of our organisation.

Proficiency in Dutch and/or French is highly valued and will enhance your ability to make a meaningful operational impact.

We Offer

  • Long-term, permanent contract, full-time with a competitive salary package.
  • Hybrid work
  • The position involves travel, typically for 1-2 months, based on project requirements
  • A supportive and inspiring atmosphere where teamwork and innovation are valued
  • Trainings opportunities tailored to the requirements of the role and the specific projects you will be involved in
  • Joining a vibrant community of experts dedicated to creating a sustainable world for present and future generations through the resolution of a global non-recyclable waste management challenge

Pride, passion, and professionalism (3Ps)
Who we are in a nutshell

Waste-to-Energy technology represents a viable solution for tackling the global challenge of non-recyclable waste. With an estimated 70% of the world’s waste currently being sent to landfills, there is a critical need to implement more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of waste disposal. By converting waste into energy, Waste-to-Energy technology offers a way to reduce the volume of waste going to landfills while also generating clean and renewable energy. This helps to address the pressing environmental and climate issues associated with traditional landfill disposal methods.

As technology continues to advance and sustainability standards for Waste-to-Energy plants become increasingly stringent, each project we undertake at Keppel Seghers Belgium is unique. Our team of in-house experts is dedicated to tackling even the most complex challenges to deliver on our promise of creating a cleaner and healthier future. At the heart of our work is a deep passion for the projects we undertake and the positive impact they have on the world. We take great pride in the professionalism and expertise of our teams, who work tirelessly to deliver top-quality results on every project. We believe that our work is not just a job, but a mission to build a better world. This sense of purpose is what makes us proud to be a part of the Keppel Seghers Belgium team.

Become a part of the solution

We are on a mission to tackle the colossal issue of non-recyclable waste by transforming it into a valuable resource: energy. Through our innovative Waste-to-Energy solutions, we aim to reduce the global pile of non-recyclable waste and promote a more sustainable future for all. Whether you are a passionate individual, a forward-thinking business, or a community leader, we welcome you to collaborate with us in developing innovative waste-to-energy solutions that benefit people and the planet. Together, we can leave a positive mark on the world and pave the way towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Join us today and become part of the solution!

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